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Everything needs to be sorted and packed in clearly marked boxes. Never mix different types of goods in the same box. Remember that every box will be sorted many times on its way. Please mark every box in Ukraine and English. Larger amounts of boxes should be placed on pallets – important.



        Fill in our delivery form well in advance so the S.O.S-UA can coordinate with Ukrainian trucks. Our storage capacity is limited and prefer to send it to the people in need immediately. It simplify our process if you fill in the form at least 24h in advance.

      Upon arrival at the center in Przemysl we appreciate any help with the handling, our staff are volunteers and work long hours every day.

    We kindly ask for a donation of 70 euro per car/van and 135 euro per truck to cover our rent and administrative expenses. We have extensive contacts with Ukrainian government officials and non-governmental organizations who coordinate and send brave truckdrivers to pick up your generous donations.

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